Nauen North

Nauen, Berlin DE / Urbanism

The New Historic

Aabenraa DK / Public Space

The Connected City

Hamburg DE / Urbanism

Naturpark Amager

Copenhagen DK / Public space

Vestre Fjord Park

Aalborg DK / Public space

Villa Platan

Aarhus DK / Residential

Cortex Park

Odense DK / Education

We work in the fields of architecture and urbanism

Cubic Houses

Copenhagen DK / Residential


Stockholm SE / Urbanism + Public space

We believe in generosity as the primary tool of creation and innovation.

Park Towers

Copenhagen DK / Residential


Aalborg DK / Education


Frederiksberg DK / Culture

Harbour Houses

Aarhus DK / Residential

Dalarna Media Library

Falun SE / Culture + Education


Budapest HU / Urbanism

Lolland Narratives

Lolland DK / Culture

Climate City

Middelfart DK / Public space

Engaging ourselves in a wide range of architectural disciplines have become our professional strength. 

Asker Center

Asker NO / Urbanism

Koege Coast

Koege DK / Urbanism

The Historic New

Odense DK / Urbanism

Two Towers

Shenzhen CH / Mixed use highrise

The Måløv Axis

Måløv DK / Public space

The Heath

Gothenburg SE / Urbanism

Sky Village

Rødovre DK / Mixed use highrise


Oskarshamn SE / Urbanism